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New climbing sectors : "Rocspot" and "Gerovrachos". More info in "Topo". Pictures coming soon.




There are new routes at the sectors X-mas, Berliner Mauer and La maison des Chevres. More info in Topo.



Welcome to Mars! For all the infos of the new sector click on Topos.




 "Ura Ka". Multi-pitch route by Claude and Yves Remy and Christophe Simeon . More info in "Topos".



There are 3 new routes at X-mas Sector. More info in Topo. 



 "Fasting Therapy". New multi-pitch route by jiannis Torelli. More info in "Topos".





There are already around 320 climbing routes in the aera of Leonidio. Here, you can find all the informaiotn about the sectors and the routes. More info coming soon!





   The climbing meeting finished officially while some of our friends continue their holidays climbing or travelling around when the weather is not the optimum. During the meeting, more than 120 climbers visited Leonidio from 13 different countries, such as Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Columbia, Venezuela and U.S.A. From Greece, especially, climbers from Nafplio, Crete, Ioannina, Trikala, Patra, Athens, ….On the number of the existing routes 30 were added in 6 new sectors or in the existing ones. Information of the routes will be published soon.

    It was nice to have a positive feedback, both from the climbers and the habitants of Leonidio, many of whom have after these days a new hobby . Many of the climbers would like to come back this year just to climb or continue bolting routes.






   The climbing meeting will take place from 20.12.2013 - 12.01.2014. It is about a meeting of local Greek climbers and climbers from all over the world to get in touch and bolt new routes, climb what has been established, and experience the potential of Leonidio.


Accommodations will be located at the new camping site in Leonidio located directly at the beach. www.camping-semeli.gr


There are also appartments and hotels: www.leonidion.gr

(The page is unfortunately only in Greek. In the 1st page there are different areas. Choose «Λεωνίδιο-Πλάκα», «Λάκκος», «Πούλιθρα», «Σαμπατική» or «Λιβάδι». The rest are more than 10Km away of Leonidio)


And of course there will be a Climber's new years party!


We hope to see you there!

International climbing meeting Leonidio / Greece