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    We are a group of climbers from Leonidio and Berlin who support the development of climbing in the area of Leonidio.

    In the beginning of 2012 our shared passion for climbing brought us together in the city of Berlin, specifically in “Der Kegel”, a climbing-bouldering gym in the city center. One year later we met in Leonidio to explore the climbing possibilities and outdoor activities the area can offer.

     The general cultural development that climbing could offer to our place of origin and the creation of a new hobby for the local community, were, in addition to our interest of developing a completely new climbing area, our motivations, which led to a spontaneous cooperation: it started in August 2013 and since then, it has been growing thanks to the help of friends from Leonidio and all over the world. Mainly we bolt climbing routes and everything that goes along with it, like cleaning the paths of the sectors, gathering information about other sectors and so on, always respecting the environment.

    Considering mountain climbing as part of our everyday life and our lifestyle, all the activities are organized in such a way that every one of us feels capable of contributing to the whole process. There is no other sponsor but only the free contribution of every one of us, according to our personal financial and practical capabilities. The main goal is ultimately the creation of a "group activity" and not that of a product "for sale". It goes without saying that the specialized knowledge of experienced climbers plays a fundamental role as far as safety is concerned. However, with the specific model of organizing our duties, as it has been already mentioned, the action in the climbing areas will not constitute a product created by the "very few specialists" for "climbers-consumers". In other words, we wouldn't like the sport of climbing to constitute an impersonal touristic product, creating an atmosphere of competition. On the contrary, we want mountain climbing to maintain its innocent contact with nature as well as the feeling of exploration and freedom it can offer. 

     Based on this idea, last Christmas we organized a climbing meeting. It was meant to be an open invitation to both experienced and inexperienced climbers to visit Leonidio, get in touch with each other and the local community, explore the area and take part in its development through an equal cooperation.

    This webpage was initially part of the idea of the climbing meeting, but after Christmas we decided to keep it. Supporting the non-commercial exchange of knowledge and information, the aim of this page is to offer you free access to all the information about the sectors in Leonidio. At the same time we're more than happy to cooperate with other people and teams, while our team is open to everyone as long as they´re willing to respect our basic rules as described in the text above.

    If you happen to visit Leonidio, feel free to contact us for any information you need about the sectors or any important comment you may have.


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