The route is new so maybe there are still soil and flimsy rocks. Climb carefully. A helmet is necessary. 

1. Megakante 8b45m 11 QDs starts from left new ankor Veit Althoff, Felix Berg
2.The Abyss8a+ 45m12 QDsstarts from left new ankorMichael Schreiber, Felix Bergfirst dihedral, followed by tufas and pocket, then crack, and at last jugs till the top slab.
3.8c30m9 QDs   starts from Mira ankor: P6Felix Bergup the blank belly on the right side, excellent rock

Bolted during the 2nd international climbing meeting New Year 2015/16.


Approach from the top:

Drive up the road towards Vaskina till the top of the big wall Kokkinovrachos. Turn right onto the obvious dirt road which leads to the house close to the flag. Park here. Walk towards the flag. About 200m left of it, abseil down from the ankor of Mira, just next to the big overhang. Choose the correct ankor for your route. See discription above.




Approach from the bottom:

Take the road to Vaskina and turn right, on the second sharp curve, into the dirt road, which indicates the sectors Douvari, Hospital, ... Park here or drive till the water tank of Leonidio. (Limited space to park and do a U-turn) The path starts on the left about 250m later and it is marked with red dots and the sign indicating Douvari, Rocspot, .... from here 20 - 30min uphill hike.


Climb the multi-pitch Mira till the ankor of pitch 6, traverse few easy meters to the ankor on the left. 


6. Mira, 6b

8 pitches, 190m, about 100 bolts

An 80 meter rope, 15 quick draws and helmets are necessary.

You can abseil from the same route with an 80 meter rope. 5 abseils.


P1: 6a+, 36m

P2: 6b, 20m

P3: 6b, 20m

P4: 6b, 20m

P5: 6a+,  15m

P6: 6a,   36m 



Route by: Claude, Yves Remy and Christof Simeon